Celebrating 25 Years of Advancing Technology

壹网25周年纪念标志It seems like just a short time ago, we celebrated OneNet’s 20th 周年纪念日, and now we are celebrating 25 years of connecting Oklahoma’s citizens to education, 研究, 保健和公共时时彩大本赢计划.

When OneNet first began delivering services in 1996, 我们用的是轮辐式网络, utilizing the higher education institutions to house our network equipment. We’ve come a long way in the last 25 years. We are still connected through the higher education institutions, and we now deliver high-speed internet with connections up to 100 Gbps.

As a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, OneNet proudly serves as Oklahoma’s 研究 and education network. 网络s like OneNet across the country connect 研究ers, schools and higher education institutions to high-speed internet services. 作为这些网络之一, OneNet provides 研究-grade connectivity to Oklahoma’s 研究 community.

多亏了这种高速连接, OneNet has helped Oklahoma’s higher education institutions garner $46+ million in 研究 computing grants since 2009. OneNet’s 100 Gbps 研究 network and Oklahoma’s Science DMZ, a network dedicated to 研究 computing, enable 研究 in areas such as high-energy physics, 基因组学, 气候模型, 生物科学, 天气预报和超级计算机.

As Oklahoma’s 研究 and education network, OneNet also has 合作伙伴hips regionally and nationally to boost connectivity within the state and across the southcentral region. OneNet participates with three other 研究 and education networks as part of the Midsouth U.S. 互联网交流, 或MUS-IX, with the goals of increasing connectivity, lowering costs and bringing more content to member states.

Internet2标志OneNet also serves as Oklahoma’s connector to Internet2, a nationwide 100 Gbps network dedicated to 研究 and education. Internet2 enables Oklahoma’s 研究ers to move big data across the country and around the globe.

尽管这些全球联系至关重要, connecting communities right here in Oklahoma is a priority for OneNet. We provide connectivity to approximately half of Oklahoma’s K-12 schools, many libraries and most of the career technology centers. Rural hospital and clinics connect through OneNet.

We also serve a significant number of government agencies, which means when you visit your local tag agency, 卫生部, department of human services or other public service agency, 你使用OneNet. Even when you watch OETA’s PBS broadcasting, 你使用OneNet!

俄克拉荷马社区主播网络标志俄克拉荷马州社区主播网络, a grant-funded network managed by OneNet, also plays an important role in connecting Oklahoma’s rural communities. OCAN是2,072 miles of optical infrastructure spans 35 counties, bringing high-speed broadband to underserved areas. OCAN connects 93 community anchor institutions to the network and provides broadband services to private-sector telecommunications providers.

Another key to OneNet’s success is our public-private 合作伙伴hips with more than 30 telecommunications providers throughout our state. These providers connect our customers to our network through last-mile services. 去年,OneNet再投资了近12美元.5 million statewide with last-mile providers. These fees support broadband services in local communities.

Cybersecurity continues to be a priority for OneNet. Our security team has deployed a layered strategy to protect the integrity of our network. From managed firewall services to DDoS mitigation, OneNet utilizes next-generation technologies to keep our customers’ data safe as well. We are committed to working to identify new cyber defenses and promote security best practices across all of our end-users.

Vonley皇家头像Internet connectivity is more vital than ever as we manage the new challenges with the COVID pandemic. 访问教育, 保健和公共时时彩大本赢计划 quickly became virtual, OneNet adjusted service delivery to ensure our customers had the access they needed. OneNet will continue to seek 合作伙伴hips that create solutions as our world evolves.

在我们庆祝25周年之际, I want to send a special thanks to our customers, 合作伙伴, 供应商和其他支持者. We appreciate the relationships we have built over the last quarter century. I also want to thank the OneNet staff–current and past–who have dedicated themselves to serving OneNet, the State Regents and Oklahoma’s citizens.

我们期待着未来的25年, growing stronger than ever together and fulfilling our mission of advancing technology across Oklahoma.